Our organization has encouraged tribal farmers to establish orchards of grafted mangoes (Kalami Amba) chikoo, pomegranate, banana in Surat, Tapi, Valsad, Navsariand Banaskhantha districts. As a result their income has increased two folds. Also Vegetable kits, Seeds and fertilizer kits have been distributed in farmers.

From 2007 to 2010 small farmers were included in Vaadi Yojan under Van Bandhu Yojana. To encourage the tribal farmers for agriculture, buying and selling system has been provided in large markets. Thus employment is provided by agriculture project.

Thus tribal farmers and their families are provided with the opportunities of sustainable employment income. With this, new dimension of toilets, irrigation and water facilities health and self employment are created to provide primary needs.

  • With that farmers are getting proper compensation. Reduction in agricultural expenses, chemical free agricultural products, use of feroman trap, neem oil and gaumutra (cow-urine) in place of pesticides, organic vermi-compost fertilizer, castor-seed fertilizer, selection of crop through value-charts, and Training programmes for the protection of crop are conducted to enable the farmers to get more profit with less expenses, by organic farming.
  • Distribution of improved quality seeds are provided to farmers as per provision of improved seeds through seed-kit distribution and information on new crops and direct crop demonstration has been done by conducting local field visits.