Our organization has researched on a Micro Camera for the framers which is used in the wall for the estimate of the water level and the scope of the water in the future.

The Technique is very useful at the grass root level and the people are getting better benefit from it. We provide this technique in some villages the effect of the technique is very effective at the grass root level.

The knowledge of ground water is the blessing for the farmers and so farmers decided the length of the well and how the depth need for the wall and so they save extra expense.

  • To Enable rural communities to have adequate, Safe and sustainable drinking water supply and improved habitat by the ensuring empowerment and capacity building of the communities leading to an improvement in their standard of living.
  • A well designed strategy that addresses the whole spectrum of drinking water security is being implemented.
  • Create sustainable and safe drinking water sources
  • Make adequate drinking water available to perpetually water scare and water quality affected villages.
  • Provide drinking water to tribal populations in south and central Gujarat through rainwater harvesting and low cost, easy to manage gravity-based water supply systems.