Soul of the trust


  • To develop the activities of Rural Development Agency and create the employment in the rural areas.
  • To improve Health and Hygiene Activities in Rural and Urban Areas.
  • Construct Sanitation Blocks in Rural and Urban Areas.
  • To Research new technology in Agriculture for Improving Production and decrease labor through technology management.
  • To get the schemes from the centres of cottage industry and district industry, the industry to be established and run.
  • To act the activities related to education and to act the activities of School, college, hostel, pre-primary, primary education, woman education, adult education.
  • To run training centres related to small industry to run industry for providing employment to the unemployed men and women.
  • To develop all the plans of Khadi Gram Commission and Khadi Gram Udyog Board and to begin the act of Khadi in villages and to get the people employed.
  • To establish health centres and hospital. To heed the health of villages by doing such type of activities. To arrange free diagnosis camp by this trust. To make an attempt for giving the maximum medicines free of cost. To open primary health centres for medical treatment. Apart from this, the activity of paediatric and welfare of children to be done. To provide knowledge and guidance of vaccine centre and family planning free of charge. To provide the knowledge of child health and cleanliness of health. To establish laboratory for various types of diagnosis and such type of test to be done reasonably. To arrange the awareness programmes for AIDS and research on AIDS. To establish eye dispensary. Ambulance service to be provided.
  • To take a grant for the purpose of running the all above mentioned activities from Government , Semi-Government, Other Private Partners and State Boards.
  • Development activities to be done for animal, child development and women welfare.
  • To collect and arrange all the planning's prevailed by Gujarat Water Supply and Drainage Management Board. In which the act to be done for water to be lowered into a land by boring the storage of rainy water and to make and repair the underground tank, well-recharging and hand pump and to hold the prograrmes about public awareness, what saving and to arrange camps of the planning of Gujarat Water Service Training.
  • All the activities to be handed over for farming. Action to be taken for the protection of ooze. Act of land reformation to be done and a research to be made for more production and better seeds.
  • To take grant from State Government, Central Government for the development of education of children and women and to give this grant to needy of society.
  • To make an' attempt for the living standard of women in society. The activities done from the Development 0f Child and Women Ministry. To assist the widows and unsustained women and in the field of handicraft, training to be given to the skill industry like sewing classes, embroidery beauty parlor, type ¬shorthand etc.
  • To make an arrangement for old age home. To establish a club for senior citizens and requisite programmes to be held. Shelters to be, given to the unsustained the orphans, the handicapped, and the blind. To act for the demolition of the nuisance like ill-customs and de-addiction.
  • To make an attempt for the protection of environment and the activities to be done for plantation.
  • The plans rewarded by Central Govt., State Govt., Board, corporation, to be arranged and get them activated. To prepare construction gutter and water projects for rural development and to get the various projects from Govt. for the completion of the same.
  • To arrange sports, eloquence competition and culture programme for the physical and mental development of the young, children and women.
  • Various projects to be held for avoiding to problems of child labor, orphan children and child – denutrition.
  • The projects to be done with the help of Govt. for the maximum usage of the endless sources of energy like bio gas, solar energy, water energy.
  • The activities, in the field for social welfare, women economic development corporation, District Industry. Center, Rural Development Agency, to be done and for its development.
  • The act to be done for Sardar Aawas, Indira Aawas Yojana and Slum reformation as well as garbage.
  • Requisite help to be provided during the time of natural or human calamities like epidemic, flood, and earthquake.
  • Building of Kachcha and Pukka Roads, Bridges, Culverts, Buildings,   Canal Structures, Construction of Water and Gutter schemes constructed from Government’s grant and run the activities and construction of public.
  • To establish Blood Banks from own Funds From or donation so that blood can be supplied to the needy.

Want to contributue

If you are interested in carrying out Shree Pragati Sarvjanik Trust voluntary work, please contact us for the volunteering opportunities.