During this program, we prGujarat Water Resource Development Corporation (GWRDC) WAS ACTIVE FROM 2011 to 2013. With their co-operation our organization undertook project of lift irrigation in six districts of Tapi, Surat, Panchamahal, Godhara, Sabarkantha and Keda and helped farmers.

The farmers’ dependent of rain for agriculture can take one crop in a year. A committee of such farmers was convened and rain water was stored and was supplied to farms by linking the beneficiary villages so that crop could be taken throughout the year. Thus the farmers who were taking one crop were able to take three crops in a year. Due to this their income has increased noticeably and standard of their living is also improved.

  • Green revolution in agriculture has been made successful by this organization. Knowledge of improvement and conservation of natural resources could be imparted to the people.
  • In dry areas income sources of people are feeble due to lack of water. So that they migrate to earn livelihood. Such areas are revived by lift irrigation.
  • The farmer need not expend to be benefitted by this scheme. 98% of expenditure is borne by State Government and 2.5% of that by us. Thus the standard of living of local farmer has improved considerably with the implementation of this scheme in co-operation of the State Government.