Three check dams are constructed in Dediapada area in Narmada District under Saradar Patel Participatory Irrigation project at 80:20 by the organization. As a result the underground water levels has risen in the surrounding areas. So the farmers are getting irrigation water easily and their income is increased.

This organization has constructed 12 check dams in Banaskantha and Tapi districts under Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board schemes due to which the standard of living of the farmers has improved.

  • The entire activity is the best example of providing water management system by making check dams in public participation under Sardar Patel Water Conservation project. Along with this, the activity of bringing more and more land under irrigation in Central Gujarat and South Gujarat has been increased.


  • Due to water collection by check dams, level of underground water has risen and proper storage of water could be achieved.
  • This scheme has proved to be boon for the areas where rain is scanty.
  • An extra ordinary change in the field of agriculture has been brought by providing The Narmada waters to a large number of farms.
  • In addition to this the system of drinking water too has been maintained.
  • For the maintenance of ground water level, check dams are extremely important.
  • Controlling water of excessive rain has resulted in limiting the washing away of the land. By controlling flow of river water, floods have been controlled.
  • Since cost of construction of check dams is low and there is almost no maintenance cost, they are very popular.