The Project implements in the Devkapdi Village of Bhabhar Block of the Banaskantha district. We make 500 Hector land moisture. After the project completed, the people of the village get double income from their land. We make the land in level and make in sand bound for the water storage. Today the village people are very happy and get their real value of the hard work.

Under this program we provided help to the 60 villages in Tribal Belt areas. We made them aware of Liquid Organic Manure Organic Farming. The people were very happy to know about it and they understood the importance such information by learning the future of organic farming for upcoming years.


Shree Pragati Sarvjnik Trust oIn general, in rural and remote area, high quality of vegetable seeds are not available, so to increase the economic return or the beneficiaries one demonstration for the production of different vegetable seeds in 1 acre area will be carried out for one beneficiary field.


Sewing Training by Dowry Prohibition Officer, Women and Child development Department.

A GaribKalyanMela was organized by Government of Gujarat at Prexabharati, Koba, and Gandhinagar on 14-10-17, in which Shri Jitubhai Vaghani, President Gujarat State Bharatiya Janta Party was chief guest and Shri Ashokbhai Patel was special guest. Shri Pravinbhai Patel, Mayor, Gandhinagar and Shri Ashishbhai Dave and other dignitaries attended the program and Instrument Help Kit was distributed to poor and widow women under Manav Kalyan Garima Yojana by their hands.

Widow women were given sewing machines, Flour mill (ghar-ghanti), and handicapped persons were given hearing aids, wheel chair and girls were given cycles to promote girls education in Garib Kalyan Mela held at Koba, Prexabharati, Gandhinagar on 14-10-2017 under Manav Kalyan Garima Yojana.

Shree pragati Sarvjnik Trust organized 7 sewing class and trained 150 women to help the widow women under ManavKalayanGarimaYojana so that their skills and standard of living are enhanced. Considering age limit 49 women of age group of 20-50 were given sewing machines.

On 4-6-2018, as a part of study Pandit Dindayal University, Gandhinagar with NGO, a GaribKalyanMela was organized to promote rural and urban social work. Shri Jitubhai Vaghani, President Gujarat State Bharatiya Janta Party was chief guest and Shri Ashokbhai Patel was special guest. Shri Pravinbhai Patel, Mayor, Gandhinagar and Shri Ashishbhai Dave and other dignitaries attended the program and Instrument Help Kit was distributed to poor and widow women under ManavKalyanGarimaYojana by their hands.

Shree Pragati Sarvjnik Trust organize training programmes on hardware, software and computer repairing, mobile repairing, masonry work, Electric (light fitting), plumbing to youth for the employment under Youth Affairs project. The aim of this training is to provide employment to support family so that they do not suffer for unemployment.

Moreover, Chintan Shibirs are organized for educated youths to guide them in ‘what after 10 and 12”, out of science art and commerce streams, which stream should be chosen, organizing tuition classes for bright career to help the parents who do not have money and to help them in getting good result.

Shree Pragati Sarvjnik Trust has run night schools to educate uneducated adults in rural and urban areas to prove the saying -“Education is the foundation of Life building.”

Every year 56 to 60 boys and girls come in this organization under internship program for last 10 years. They are visiting the sites of various projects run by this organization. They are explained various socio-economic issues by showing them actual situations such as “What should be done for the up lift of weaker section of society? What is their responsibility towards them? What is the difference between the weaker and stronger class? Etc.” In addition to this, awareness about the schemes of social defense is created in rural people. Meetings are arranged with government employees such as Sarpanchs, Talatis cum-Mantri, Asha workers in government offices like Gram Panchayat, AnganVaadi, Health Centers, Skill Development Centers in rural areas and by connecting with gram sabha, efforts are made to understand issues pertaining to village women like problem of drinking water, widhavasahay (help to widow) , vrudhdhsahay (help to old people), schemes for handicapped, schemes for agriculture, Health schemes, usefulness of sanitary napkins, questionnaire with adult girls, the sources from where one can have sanitary napkins from government etc. Also discussions regarding SwachchhataAbhiyan and its implementation are held. Such discussions creates awareness into public. Students are given information on Saradar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited, underground pipe lines, check dams, lift irrigation, PIM, NABARD, training programmes for livelihood etc.


The organization has conducted various training programmes on paper dish/cup/bag manufacturing, Jewelry making, vermi-compost, beauty parlour, candle making, plumbing and masonry work. Almost 2500 to 3000 women are getting their livelihood through these trainings. Thus Shree pragati Sarvjnik Trust has helped them to double the income of their families by various programmes.

  • In 2010-11, a training program on paper cup-dish-bag manufacturing was organized in Dehgam taluka of Gandhinagar district, in which 100 women were trained by Sakhi Mandal. By this training they get employment by using paper in place of plastic. Thus it helps in protecting environment by reducing land pollution. The new experiment have enabled them to attain their family responsibility by self employment.

Women and women organizations of rural and urban area are organized and poor women are given skill development training .they are connected with banks to provide financial facilities for saving, monitoring, coordinating and valuing and turning them economically, socially, family wise, educationally and politically self-sufficient to adopt concept of women empowerment. This organization has reached the goal of women empower by formulating self-help groups of 500 women by NABARD.


  • As a part of a group a poor person gets strength.
  • More over proving money through HHG the expenses of the lenders and borrowers are reduced.
  • It has helped reduce the influence of non-formal lenders.
  • Many banks makes propaganda of HSC. Its main aim is saving and making women independent for women empowerment.
  • Discussion can be held on Economic Problems of Women and find solutions.

This organization has organized so many training programmes under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) in which the women of economically backward class are helped by tying up with banks for loans. Women are encouraged to run cottage industry through this loan. They take total responsibility to help the family economically.

The organization has formulated 150 Farmer’s Interest Group (FIG) under this program. These farmers have been trained to use latest technology so that more reward can be obtained with less efforts. The organization has prepared ‘Developing Strategic Research and Extension Plan for NATP Project (DSREP)’ in Surat and Tapi districts under ATMA project.

Understanding of changes/improvements in the field of agriculture in past 50 years has been given. The expected changes/improvement in next 50 years were also explained in detail.Due to this understanding the confidence of farmers have increased. This has also resulted into production of good crop with less efforts.

  • With the help of ATMA, inspiration tour were conducted to visit the field and to give the idea and importance of live-farming. The quality of crop and production is seen to be improved. Hence Income is increased at less expenditure.


Our organization has encouraged tribal farmers to establish orchards of grafted mangoes (Kalami Amba) chikoo, pomegranate, banana in Surat, Tapi, Valsad, Navsariand Banaskhantha districts. As a result their income has increased two folds. Also Vegetable kits, Seeds and fertilizer kits have been distributed in farmers.

From 2007 to 2010 small farmers were included in Vaadi Yojan under Van Bandhu Yojana. To encourage the tribal farmers for agriculture, buying and selling system has been provided in large markets. Thus employment is provided by agriculture project.

Thus tribal farmers and their families are provided with the opportunities of sustainable employment income. With this, new dimension of toilets, irrigation and water facilities health and self employment are created to provide primary needs.

  • With that farmers are getting proper compensation. Reduction in agricultural expenses, chemical free agricultural products, use of feroman trap, neem oil and gaumutra (cow-urine) in place of pesticides, organic vermi-compost fertilizer, castor-seed fertilizer, selection of crop through value-charts, and Training programmes for the protection of crop are conducted to enable the farmers to get more profit with less expenses, by organic farming.
  • Distribution of improved quality seeds are provided to farmers as per provision of improved seeds through seed-kit distribution and information on new crops and direct crop demonstration has been done by conducting local field visits.


Pragati Public Trust is active in 8 districts of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited e.g. Patan, Mehasana, Banaskantha, Ahmedabad, Surendranagar, Dhandhuka, Morbi and Kutchchh-Bhuj in the implementation of participatory irrigation scheme from 2010 to 2018. The activity of accounting of farmers, Water distribution, Register maintenance, equal distribution of water, management of field channels regarding Participatory Irrigation Scheme is done by Irrigation Co-operative Societies. The expansion and distribution of irrigation area is undertaken by PIM.

With this, training of participatory irrigation management, workshop training according to training guide, training of employees, training of successful farm’s leadership, interaction between the farmers and employees are undertaken and creative programmes for the improvement of PIM are implemented by the organization.

So far 25,000 are trained in water distribution and with their participation proper water distribution is done. The main management is handled by President and the Secretary. The entire co-ordination of irrigation work is done by the President.

Sr.No. District No. of proposed Societies Total beneficiary farmers Area covered by the society Total members
1. Surendranagar 26 3384 12902 2944
2. Ahmedabad
3. Banaskantha
Total 134 24980 65247 23485

Government also have good income through PIM activity by Farmer Irrigation Societies. Thus a very good work has been done in the field of proper and reasonable use of water and proper use of natural resources in the field of water conservation and water management by the organization.


  • Saving of water and proper use of it.
  • Protection of crop by getting water at proper time and proper quantity by this scheme.
  • Improvement in economical condition of farmers by crops in non-irrigation land.
  • Expansion of the scope of trading.