Shree Pragati Sarvjanik Trust is registered under Society Registration Act, 1860 and Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 with Registration No. F/2088/Banaskhantha, dtd. 23-01-2003 and under Society Registration Act, 1860 with Registration No .GUJ/2101//’b/Banaskantha, dtd.21-01-2003. 

The trust has been active since last 15 years and involved into various activities like institutional improvements, integrated strategy with natural resource management for children’s education and in improving livelihood of people. When development of Gujarat has become pointer to development of the nation, the credit goes to the contribution of water in the development of economic, social and industrial fields. Work has been done with new dimensions in the fields of water conservation and water management in Gujarat. The entire work of providing water by constructing check dams under Sardar Patel Water Irrigation Scheme through public participation of people groups is excellent example.  In addition to this, the Trust has undertaken the work of converting  existing  canals into pukka canals, construction of new dams check dams ( to cover more and more land under irrigation in Central Gujarat and South Gujarat. Deepening of ponds to increase storage capacity ) Activities  to construction in Rural area , toilets,  creating  system of disposal of solid and liquid waste and to encourage the people of rural area for the cleanliness through programmers  like Street dramas, Bhavai,  rally etc. under Nirmal Gram Swachchhataa Abhiyan. Number of mortality of child and mother is reduced by giving proper attention to food supplements, clinical checkups and treatment of the   children, pregnant mothers, lactating mothers with the help of health camps under Child and Family welfare schemes.

For more than ten years, Gujarat is the most supportive state. We have been recently focusing on the capacity building and in our role in capacity building among other development groups: the groups from the government and none government from the South block of Gujarat. The beneficiaries getting training in the programs land and water resources development. The large number of farmers, artisans, entrepreneurs, resource persons, and organization, who supported in technology development, field experiments, demonstration and training programs, are also thanked.

We believe in a society free of extreme poverty and discrimination on the basis of caste, color, creed, sex or economic status, a society offering a decent standard of living to all its members and opportunities to grow as per his or her choices, a society taking utter care of its natural resources and establishes equal rights of all of those resources with due knowledge of its responsibilities to preserve them.


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